Oilfield sites are found literally everywhere. Since it's not always quick or easy to get to your site, we offer potable water storage tanks so that you have water whenever you need it.

We haul potable water to camps 365 days a year. If you're looking for experience and reliability you've come to the right place.

FSJ Water is located on the Old Fort Road, 11 KM from the Site C build site. If you are looking for an established trucking company to take care of your project contact FSJ Water for potable water, septic vac services, and gravel hauling.

Delivering WATER since 1994

Call: 250-785-0862

Fort St. John Water Inc. is a potable water hauling company that has been serving Fort St. John and  the Peace River area for over 20 years. We have expanded over the years to meet a large demand for the reliable 24 hour service needed in the oil and gas industry. FSJ Water has always had and continues to offer outstanding customer service.

Serving the peace for over 20 years!